Born in Bradford Data Dictionary


MeDALL (Mechanisms of Development of ALLergy) is a subcohort nested within BiB that contributed to a broader consortium []. Contains survey, skin prick and local green space information.

Table Name Entity type Variables Entities Updated Related tables
medall_quest MeDALL Questionnaire Participant 475 2594 2022-09-30 medall_qd1
medall_skinprick MeDALL skin prick Participant 17 2269 2022-09-30 medall_skinprick_qc
medall_greenspace MeDALL Green Space Questionnaire Participant 49 815 2022-09-30 NA
medall_ngst MeDALL Neighbourhood Green Space Tool Participant 115 815 2022-09-30 NA
medall_ndvi MeDALL residential NDVI and green space Participant 25 2365 2022-09-30 NA