Born in Bradford Data Dictionary

BiB Geographic Information

Geographic and residential information

Table Name Entity type Variables Entities Updated Related tables
bib_geog_person BiB person level geographic information Participant 14 29664 2023-04-26 NA
bib_geog_property BiB property level geographic information Property 6 32008 2023-04-26 NA
bib_geog_lsoa BiB LSOA level geographic information LSOA 9 3501 2023-04-26 NA
bib_geog_air_quality BiB property level air quality information Property 88 32008 2023-07-13 NA
bib_geog_built_env_indoor_qual BiB property level built environment and indoor building quality Property 39 32008 2023-05-17 NA
bib_geog_food_environment BiB property level food environment data Property 36 32008 2023-05-17 NA
bib_geog_green_space_greenness BiB property level green space and greenness data Property 219 32008 2023-05-17 NA
bib_geog_public_transport_traffic BiB property level public transport and traffic data Property 85 32008 2023-05-17 NA
bib_geog_sc_walkability_lu BiB property level street centrality, walkabilty and land use data Property 37 32008 2023-05-17 NA