Born in Bradford Data Dictionary

BiB Starting School

On-screen cognitive, fine motor and behavioural assessments, including BPVS, Letter Identification, SDQ and CKAT, conducted in school during the child’s Reception year. Starting School recruited whole classes and hence includes children who are not part of the core BiB cohort.

Table Name Entity type Variables Entities Updated Related tables
stschool_info Starting School Child Info Participant 14 6844 2022-09-30 NA
stschool_bpvs Starting School BPVS Participant 8 6657 2022-10-01 NA
stschool_lid Starting School Letter identification Participant 7 6582 2022-10-01 NA
stschool_ckat Starting School CKAT Participant 612 6586 2022-09-30 NA
stschool_sdq Starting School SDQ Participant 55 2340 2022-10-01 NA