Born in Bradford Data Dictionary

BiB Growing Up

Research clinics and surveys data from the BiB Growing Up follow-up.

Table Name Entity type Variables Entities Updated Related tables
participant_pathway BiB Growing Up participant pathway Participant 8 29664 2020-12-23 NA
adult_survey BiB Growing Up adult survey Participant 270 4073 2020-11-25 NA
child_survey_adult_comp BiB Growing Up child survey (adult completed) Participant 482 2938 2020-11-25 NA
blood_pressure BiB Growing Up child blood pressures Participant 15 9038 2021-01-26 NA
blood_tests BiB Growing Up main blood tests Participant 17 6121 2021-01-26 NA
renal_blood_tests BiB Growing Up renal study blood tests Participant 10 1712 2021-01-26 NA
renal_urines BiB Growing Up renal study urine analyses Participant 11 703 2021-03-05 NA
renal_cystatinc BiB Growing Up renal study Cystatin C Participant 3 1534 2021-03-05 NA