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Table ID: BiB_Pregnancy.matrecs_bib_mum

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Participant 4 10142 2020-11-18 NA

Abstraction of routine information from maternal paper records for the Born in Bradford cohort. The abstraction was funded by a NIHR HTA project (11-99-02). Four trained research assistants abstracted data from maternal paper records. The abstraction was conducted in 2013. Only women with completed baseline questionnaires, oral glucose tolerance test results and birth outcomes were eligible. Data were entered straight into a web database. Accuracy of abstractions were checked on 5% of records for all abstracted data, all error rates were less than 1%. This source contains information about the mother derived from this exercise.

variable label value_type summary
has_matrecs_bib_mum Has decimal mean (sd)
1.00 (0.00)

min < median < max
1.00 < 1.00 < 1.00

100.00% complete

has_prnmum Has: Mother data from pregnancy notes extraction decimal 1 : has
100.00% complete

prnmum1stchmagem Mother age at birth of first child (mths) decimal mean (sd)
292.89 (60.82)

min < median < max
154.00 < 282.00 < 550.00

99.93% complete

prnmum1stchmagey Mother age at birth of first child (yrs) decimal mean (sd)
23.95 (5.07)

min < median < max
12.00 < 23.00 < 45.00

99.93% complete