Born in Bradford Data Dictionary


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Various datasets collected for the Born in Bradford cohort study.

Project name Project title Description
BiB_CohortInfo BiB Cohort Information Information about BiB cohort participants
BiB_Baseline BiB Baseline Baseline surveys completed on BiB cohort registration during pregnancy.
BiB_Biobank BiB Biobank Biosamples collected for storage in the BiB biobank. Contains details of samples collected and samples currently available for use in studies.
BiB_Pregnancy BiB Pregnancy Information from maternal and infant health records around the time of the BiB pregnancy and birth.
BiB_Metabolomics BiB Metabolomics Nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and mass spectrometry (MS) metabolomics on BiB pregnancy, neonatal and infant samples.
BiB_Congenital_Anomalies BiB Congenital Anomalies BiB child congenital anomalies information linked from congenital anomalies registry and GP records.
BiB_ChildGrowth BiB Child Growth BiB child growth, anthropometry and bioimpedance data from a variety of sources across the lifecourse.
BiB_Biosamples BiB Biosamples Contains all data derived from assays of BiB blood and urine samples. Also contains manifests of samples stored in the biobank.
BiB_Geographic BiB Geographic Information Geographic and residential information
BiB_1000 BiB 1000 Surveys, anthropometry and derived nutritional data from the BiB 1000 subcohort study.
BiB_ALL_IN BiB ALL IN The ALL IN study (ALLergy and INfection) dataset contains surveys of BiB mothers when the child was12m and 24m old.
BiB_MeDALL BiB MeDALL MeDALL (Mechanisms of Development of ALLergy) is a subcohort nested within BiB that contributed to a broader consortium []. Contains survey, skin prick and local green space information.
BiB_Dental BiB Dental Child dental surveys and linked dental records.
BiB_Education_Record BiB Education Record School contextual and assessments data from BiB child linked education records.
BiB_GrowingUp BiB Growing Up Research clinics and surveys data from the BiB Growing Up follow-up.
BiB_Breathes BiB Breathes BiB Breathes survey and associated data
BiB_SDQs BiB SDQs The Strength and Difficulties Questionnaires from all projects